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Roles Woodcraft
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            Welcome to the world of woodcraft.
I have always enjoyed messing about with wood and have made one or two items for our children in the past. Then our first grandson came along in October 2002.
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  Prior to Joshua's birth I decided to have a go at producing some wooden toys for him. But where to start?

  There seems to be very little available in the form of plans for the basic toys that I wanted to start on, so I started searching the internet. Eventually I came across some plans for the simplest car possible, it consisted of one piece of wood shaped roughly car-shaped with four little wheels. So simple, sooooo easy to make ( although I made the axles a tad too tight and caused it to squeak when pushed along which fortunately fascinated Josh )
  My next project came in the form of a motorbike ( which sadly still lies uncompleted, although it is almost there ).This also started from some free plans found on the internet.Although a nice chunky little toy it wasn't really what I wanted for one so young.It was though a nice little excercise for me and gave me a few more ideas to store in the old cranial filing system.
  Meanwhile I was still looking out for likely plans for cars. At this stage I found some plans for a fairly chunky little car that gave me ideas for the general construction. Rather than do a direct copy from the plans I drew up a rough sketch of my own and set to work. My first attempt was loosely based on an open sporty car which actually turned out pretty well.
  Having produced one car from my own design I was now keen to try something else. So it was back to the net for inspiration. I was looking through some clip-art designs and found some pics similar to the Whacky Racers cars so my next idea came from the Dragster type car.I finished up with a pretty crude design but it does look like a car.
  So far so good, now I was looking for inspiration from other sources so I started looking at Classic car models. Eventually I decided to have a go at an E Type Jaguar. So far all models from solid timber construction.
E Type Jaguar
Next, a work colleague suggested a Starsky and Hutch car. This I couldn't pass up, I first thought to just do a plain car, but then, what the heck, let's go the full hog and add the stripes too. Only trouble was I got the colours the wrong way round, but the idea still worked.
Starsky and Hutch
Then my Daughter, bless her little (? ) cotton socks, wanted me to do an Easy Rider style bike for a friend.this didn't prove easy to find a pic on the net, so I went to the Orange County Choppers site and used one of their models as a basis.Didn't work out too bad but still a very creditable effort at the time.
Easy Rider
Next on the scene was a 1967 Beetle, But more on that to follow later complete with pics.
Jaguar XJ6
Later on I was asked by a work colleague if I could do a Jaguar XJ6 for her father for Christmas. Of course this was another project that I couldn't turn down, so out came the wood and tools again and the job was completed on time. The observant ones among you will note that this time I made it more open with windows and seats etc.
As a result of starting this site I have been approached to make a Ragtop Beetle which I shall start shortly and show some of the stages of manufacture.
Well I have finally got round to starting the Ragtop Beetle and if you would like to click on the link I have now posted the first pics.
Ragtop Beetle
About 20 years I started cutting out bird images and mounting them on contrasting wooden plaques and recently found one that was left over from this period. As you can see it was a parrot and this now lives on the corner of my PC at work. One day I had a visit from a supplier who decided she would like couple for herself. Naturally I duly obliged and she was kind enough to to add a comment on my guestbook .
I've just pulled a 4X4 out of Josh's toy box that was perhaps one of the easiest to do of it's kind, so I thought it was time to add it to the site. Again it's from some plans that I downloaded from the internet.
I've now finished the Beetle, just in time for Christmas, and I shall be adding some more pics shortly. I was also asked to make two "Kiddies First Cars" which are now also completed pics to follow for these too.
Christmas came and went and the new Beetle was passed on to its new owner as were Baby's First Cars, I also found time to make a little Jigsaw Rabbit for Josh. Pictures of all of these can be seen on Pics page.
Pics page.
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Please sign the guestbook as I would be interested in your comments and suggestions. Thank you for visiting my site.

Please note that I can now accept payments by cheque or credit card and I shall soon be adding a paypal facility.
If anyone has any suggestions for small girls' toys, please feel free to Email me.
Fear not this isn't the end of the saga there is more to come. So please feel free to return at anytime to view the updates and if anyone would like to purchase any of the items on view on the pics page let me know. Although it will have to be made from scratch, also I am not averse to attempting, and succeeding with, other models. No challenge is too great.

Please feel free to pass the link on to all your friends as well, and of course they to their friends.
Please feel free to sign the guestbook
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