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A Fine Yarn Knitting Yarns
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A Fine Yarn
  Welcome to A Fine Yarn stockists of Rowan, Patons and RYC knitting yarns.
If you would like to see our new site for A Fine Yarn then please click on this link
and all your Knitting ,Crochet, and Needlework Requisites
Page under construction, if you are interested in purchasing any Knitting Yarns or Accessories please leave a note in the guestbook and we will contact you. Or use email link above.
Contact email
Interior views of the premises in Darlington UK
Click here for Knitting yarns

More Pins and Barrettes lower down the page
Small selection of hand crafted Wooden Bag Handles, more designs in the offing so keep viewing. Currently selling very well and knitted bags destined to be the thing to do this year in the knitting world.
£6.50 per pair
Alternative ebay item from 07/06/06
email if interested in this or other designs.Nicely contoured with dished ends.
I am always coming up with new designs so please keep looking.
£6.50 per pair
Nested Pine Bag Handles carefully designed and contoured so that they snuggle together when fitted.
Solid Oak Bag Handles
Also available in Pine
Simple Oak open ' D' design Bag Handles
£6.50 per pair
Open "D" and Closed "D" bag Handles in Oak
£8.50 per pair
Small selection of Shawl Pins in Pine and Ramin.
My first attempts so I shall be trying out other ideas later.
£5.00 each
Selection of later Pins and Barrettes   ( Many more below )
Further selection of Shawl Pins in Ramin and Mahogany each one individually contoured for visual and tactile effect.
£5.00 each
Shame about the picture but some more examples of Shawl Pins including one two piece creation. I have now started to wax the pins for better effect.
Latest design Shawl Pin in Oak ( I must improve my photographic techniques )
Guess who likes the effects of Oak. As you can see the possibilities are endless when you start to make Shawl Pins. Also if you get the lighting right the pictures improve too.
£10.00 per set
Nicely matched Shawl Pin And Barette clean edges with smooth contours in American Cherry. £10.00 per set.
Selection of Hand crafted wooden Buttons, typical sizes from 2" to 3" diameter. Other designs can be created to your requirements.
wooden Buttons
More Bag Handle Designs and Shawl Pins currently in production I am always experimenting with different designs
Geniune thank you note from my best American customer on receipt of first order.
Apr 16 2008
  I just received my four shawl pins...they are absolutely gorgeous!! Les does lovely handiwork!
Each one is so unique. I am so thrilled with them! It's always risky ordering items you only see in a picture on the web, and I've had a number of disappointments....but these pins are a true delight.
Now I have to choose which one will be mine and put the other three away for my friends for Christmas.
Les you are a real gem! Thanks so much for shipping then directly to me.

Dawn in Ohio, USA
Three Paduak Barettes Numbers 1,2,3
Three Zebrano Barettes Numbers 1,2,3
Two Bubinga Barettes 1,2
Cedarwood Barette
Purple Heart Barettes 1,2
Purple Heart
Selection of Shawl Pins
Solid Walnut
Solid Birds Eye Maple with Walnut Pin
As all the bag handles and Shawl Pins are individually handmade and take a while to produce I am trying to find a level to pitch the price at. I have one or two testers around so hopefully I shall be able to determine a fair selling price soon so keep watching. In the meantime if anyone has any ideas what they consider to be a fair price please email me.